How I Make A Difference

Put simply I’ve been there, seen it and DONE it. This is not mentoring where I only ask, (hopefully) some intelligent questions but mentoring where I also use my experience to help you make the best decisions. I passionately believe that if I can’t add value to your business I shouldn’t be there. I’m doing this to make a difference.

First of all, I need to understand your business. Much of this is done through the free introductory 30-minute chat we have, so you are not paying me to ‘borrow your watch and tell you the time’.

Then, working closely with you, I combine that understanding with practical & actionable advice.

I have:

 28 years’ experience working at the top level for large organisations ultimately leading a team of 5000 people &
delivering a profit of €500 million per annum.

 An extensive network. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you directly, but I probably know someone who can.

 Executive training at leading English & French Business Schools (LBS and Insead) as well as specific mentoring
training. I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and a member of the Association of Business Mentors (ABM).

 The last 20 years working with start-ups and small businesses to help them grow.

 Since 2005 volunteering with the Princes Trust Charity to help young people with their own start-up plans including
working with them to write and implement their business plans.

 At Princes Trust I also chaired ‘Dragons Den’ style Panels critiquing business plans, awarding loans and providing
feedback to young entrepreneurs.

 Building a bestselling online training Course for restaurant start-ups which now has over 10,000 students signed up
and after 2,200 reviews a rating of 4.5.

 Angel investing myself in various start-ups and providing advice to the entrepreneurs running them.

 Tik Tok and Insta Channels packed with valuable business advice.

I’ve gained valuable insight from sitting on Start Up Boards and can help you identify what is urgent, important and needs prioritising. I help you through being a ‘critical friend’ to challenge your ideas and the way you operate, I encourage you to helicopter above the daily grind and I act as a sounding board and good listener for you in what can often seem one of the loneliest jobs.

“Nigel brings his years of experience and highly analytical mind to any particular challenge. He is smart, astute and considered, helping to establish pragmatic, workable solutions that deliver results”.
COO Carphone Warehouse/Best Buy JV
“Nigel is a highly pragmatic, level-headed and knowledgeable business leader who can provide solid strategic counsel to clients and management boards”.
Chairman 90Ten Healthcare
“Nigel is a highly driven and experienced senior executive. He provided invaluable practical advice on the development of Immerse Learning covering both commercial and operational matters”.
Tom Symonds CEO Immerse Learning

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