What my satisfied clients say:

‘Nigel is a highly pragmatic, level-headed and knowledgeable business leader who can provide solid strategic counsel to clients and management boards. Working together for the best part of ten years, I respect and trust his advice, and his ability to ‘see the wood from the trees’.

He has the ability to seamlessly switch between providing advice for large corporates and small businesses, and is a terrific one-on-one coach’.

Paul Tanner
Co-founder and Chairman, 90TEN Healthcare

‘Nigel brings his years of experience and highly analytical mind to any particular challenge. He is smart, astute and considered, helping to establish pragmatic, workable solutions that deliver results’.

Nigel works effectively with teams bringing insight and credibility from his own leadership background.

Rob Bacon
COO at The Carphone Warehouse – Best Buy JV (Global Connect Partners)

‘If I would be recommending someone to help you out with business challenges, it would definitely be Nigel. He has given invaluable help and support to our business and me personally. From day to day management to financial analysis, marketing strategies, product reviews and business planning, Nigel has lots of experience and knowledge. Not only that, he is a great person, passionate and always on hand to assist you. It is a real pleasure to work with and be advised by Nigel’.

Damien Marty
Business Development at Room Seasons Ltd.

”Nigel has a level headed, pragmatic approach to business advice. He is able to cut through all the data, and see key issues within a business and drill down on them. It is so easy when building a business, to focus on your strengths, and give less focus to your weaknesses. Nigel is able to work through the issues, and let you draw the conclusions yourself.

His experience/ knowledge covers, finance, marketing, sales, and operations, and he has recently gained valuable experience of technology companies. He is always energetic, keen to understand the issues, and very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him’.

Dave Piggin
Founder & CEO, Dwellant

‘Nigel is a highly driven and experienced senior executive. He provided invaluable practical advice on the development of Immerse Learning covering both commercial and operational matters. He has a very direct style which allowed the business to get to the essentials quickly but is also strong at the human level. A potent and effective combination’.

Tom Symonds
CEO at Immerse Learning

‘Nigel provided a valuable perspective to us during a management buyout of KTA Public Relations. Nigel’s business insights and understanding of market opportunities and challenges increased our focus on the task in hand. His ability to positively question our strategy and objectives proved thought provoking by encouraging us to come up with solutions, rather than merely expecting them to be presented to us’.

Dale Keller
Chief Executive Board of Airline Representatives Ltd

‘Just wanted to thank you for the great advice you gave me and the hundreds of thousands of pounds you saved me. The last chapter in this story has not been written but I have clarity about what I want and don’t want and that is in a very large way due to you’.


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