University of Common Sense (Part One)

MBA’s from leading business schools can help you get a job. However it is easy to forget that common sense is more important than any qualification. Here is a common sense example you will all know but maybe forgot about.

Before going into an important meeting or negotiation play act the meeting from different perspectives. Imagine you are at the meeting. See, hear and feel it from your point of view. Practice saying what you are going to say/present. Then imagine you are the person/people you are meeting. Change seats if it helps. Do the same from their position as they listen to you. See, hear and feel it from their point of view. What are they likely to respond? Finally imagine you are a camera on the wall observing both parties and draw your conclusions in the same way. Then go round again. In NLP, the art and science of personal excellence, this approach is called Perceptual Positions. When I was a child I was taught to ‘put myself into the other person’s shoes’. Sounds familiar? Not science but common sense.

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